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Who Are The Angry Robots?

Angry Robots Is A Cosplay Duo

Made up of Kilayi (Katie) and Ktar (Katrina), the duo has been attending conventions, and making costumes together for years. Their main focus is sewing for cosplay but, they also make props and any other things needed for a costume anytime it falls outside the lines of strictly sewing. Ranging from prop weaponry to styling wigs and makeup, the duo creates whatever is needed for a costume they are working on, learning new techniques and mediums whenever possible.

Our Favorite Cons: Where You Can Find Us

You may find the Angry Robots at several East Coast conventions, including Katsucon in Maryland, Animazement in North Carolina, and Dragon*Con in Georgia. We would love to meet you!

This year we plan on going to our first MegaCon in Orlando Florida. We will also most likely be at Animazement and we will DEFINITELY be at Dragon*Con! Katrina is also planning on attending the NC Renaissance festival this year. Katie will possibly be at MetroCon in June.

 Our Goals: What We Can Do For You

The Angry Robots know that there are many people out there who love to wear costumes, but might not know how to make one of their own. We want to be able to provide a helpful environment for our fellow geeks and cosplayers, where we can teach the more adventurous and crafty people what we know, and make custom costumes for those who don’t know where to begin. We also wish to create a place where we can discuss with other costumers the things we have learned along the way, and swap tips and suggestions for future costumes and props. Even we have a lot to learn!

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