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The Angry Robots Duo

Well, Not Quite Robots

We met while we were attending East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. We were both studying art and lived on the same hall, so it was easy to get to know each other and become fast friends. Eventually, we found that we shared a love for sewing and making costumes. Katie, who had been attending cons since, 2003, introduced Katrina to the geeky world of cosplay and took her to her first con in 2010. Since then, we have made quite a few costumes together and have enjoyed many cons together. It seems like we have a never ending list of costumes that we plan on doing, and we are always up for a challenge to make detailed and impressive cosplays.


Katie | Kilayi | Red Robot

KatieKatie has been attending conventions since 2003, and cosplaying since 2004. She has come a long way since her early costume attempts, learning many new techniques and skill throughout the years. From simply buying things and altering them to fit a character, to taking on something as extreme as a Weeping Angel, she shows practice and determination will definitely pay off. In college, she majored in Art, with a concentration in Textile Design, which allowed her to learn many advanced fabric design, dyeing, and screen printing techniques. Currently, she is working in Orlando, FL, helping with costumes for a certain theme park’s parades and other character costuming. Her main goal is to make or work with costumes or wardrobes as a career, either in theme parks or movies.

You can also find Katie at:

cosplay.comtumblr | deviantart | acparadise | email


Katrina | Ktar | Blue Robot

Katrina-iconKatrina has been attending conventions and cosplaying since 2010. She is a self taught seamstress and has been handsewing since she was a litte brownie Girl Scout. From winter hats to elabrate costumes, Katrina has made sewing her hobby but she takes it very seriously. Her love for many different art forms led her to major in Art with a concentration in Animation and Graphic Design. She is currently a graphic designer at a internet marketing company called Click Optimize in Raleigh, NC. Katrina still finds time however to work on many costumes and projects. Working with her hands is a nice break from working on the computer all day. Her long term goal is to do design and animation work for movies and to be an art director.

You can also find Katrina at: | tumblr | deviantart | acparadise | email

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