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How To Applique With Tear-Away

posted by Angry Robots on February 20, 2014

If you are ever needing to applique a design on fabric, I have found that Tear-Away is extremely helpful. Applique is the process of sewing a smaller piece of fabric to the top of another piece of fabric.

Materials: Base Fabric, design fabric, Stick-N-Tear (Tear Away) sticky paper.

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Tutorial: Making Simple Worbla Pauldrons

posted by Angry Robots on January 3, 2014

Materials: For this project you will need Worbla’s Finest Art. You can buy it at The more you buy the better the deal so I suggest buying a lot at once. You will also need craft foam. Craft foam is used to sandwich between two layers of Worbla to make your creation thicker. A heat gun is used to heat up and form the Worbla. You can buy a heat gun at your local home improvement store for about $20-30. Cardboard, tinfoil and tape are also useful materials for creating your pauldron mock-up.

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How I Plan & Make Costumes: References

posted by Angry Robots on May 29, 2013

After I decide on the costume I want to start working on, I delve into the internet, which can be scary, haha

I look for a few things:

  • images of the costume I’m making
  • other cosplayers’ work
  • clips of whatever I’m making something from that includes the characters I’m looking for

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How & Why I Choose To Make Costumes

posted by Angry Robots on

When I see a movie, play a game, or watch a TV show that I love, sometimes I get the idea “I want to make a costume from this!”

Before I decide that I truly want to make a costume from it, I think about how much I actually want to spend the time and money on making a costume from that particular series or movie.

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New costumes on the way!

posted by Angry Robots on April 3, 2013

Sometimes we come up with ideas that are somewhat silly, but downright awesome.

We’ve decided that we’re going to make some crossplay costumes, hopefully in time for Dragon*Con 2013: Fili and Kili from The Hobbit!

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Tutorial: Weeping Angels Costume

posted by Angry Robots on March 22, 2013

Although these costumes are a few years old now, we still love to wear them and we still get asked often about the materials that were used and how we made them. You might have already seen this tutorial written by Kilayi on the RPF, but we thought that it would be a good idea to consolidate our current tutorials on our blog for our site visitors. These are one of our favorite costumes and we love wearing them for photoshoots with other awesome Whovians!

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Two New Costumes For Megacon 2013!

posted by Angry Robots on March 12, 2013

This coming weekend is Megacon 2013 in Orlando, Florida, and Katie and I are going to be there! It will be our first Megacon ever so we are really excited and we hope to have lots of fun while we are there.

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Tutorial: Making A Contact Paper Screen

posted by Angry Robots on February 27, 2013

So you want to start screen printing and you don’t know where to begin? Start by making a contact paper screen of course! We suggest using a contact paper screen because it is cheap, easy to make and use, and it could easily be recycled and reused for new patterns in the future! If you are unfamiliar with screen printing it involves wiping paint over a screen that only allows whats on your pattern to seep through. This is a great way to print images on t-shirts and other things so that it will be identical each time.

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The New Angry Robots Cosplay Site!

posted by Angry Robots on February 20, 2013

Welcome to our website! If you have not met us yet we are the Angry Robots Cosplay duo, Katrina and Katie. We are two East coast cosplayers who love making costumes. From sewing to armor and props, we will make any part that is required to make the character’s costume look as accurate as possible! We love sharing this hobby with others, whether we are meeting other cosplayers at conventions, or helping beginners with their costumes through tutorials and commissions, we are having fun.

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