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Costume Commissions

Let Us Make Your Costume

The Robots will take on commissions of nearly anything, from sewing to prop construction, we are experienced at working with a variety of materials and we are always learning how to do something new! Contact us with any questions and details, and we will get back to you with more information if we can do what you’re asking. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are interested in having us make your costume:

  • Two Months For Wigs or Small Items: We will need at least a 2 month lead time on any project to allow time for construction of small, single items, or to style wigs, as well as time for you to mail anything back for alterations if there is a problem or fitting issue.
  • Four Months for Full Costumes: For full costumes, the process is very labor intensive and takes a lot of time, so we like to give ourselves a 4 month lead time to create the best possible final product for you.
  • We will take select RUSH orders for an extra fee: For small items or wigs that are needed in less than 2 months, we can take on the commission, but it will be an extra $30 minimum added to the price. Please understand that we cannot take every rush request, which leads us to the next item…
  • A commission request may be refused if we do not think we have adequate time to complete it: It is important to us to be able to put forth our best efforts on creating something wonderful for you. If we do not have the adequate amount of time to create what you are asking for, we may refuse to take on your commission.
  • Quote & Materials Cost: We will give you a quote on materials plus the cost of time and labor estimated to complete a project. If you accept the quote, payment will be needed for materials before the Robots will be able to start on your project. If you take a long time to get your pre-payment finished, there will be less time to get your project completed and mailed to you!
  • Pricing: When we send you a quote, we will give you a range of hours that we think it will take to complete. We currently charge $12 an hour for our work, and charge a minimum of 3 hours on any project. This minimum amount includes: researching your product, shopping for materials, driving to shop for materials, and driving to mail your product, as well as creating your product.
    • An example quote will look like this: “6-9 hours at $12/hour, so between $72 – $108 for labor”
  • Damaged in shipping?: All items damaged in shipping are non-refundable except in extreme cases.  If item is damage in shipping, you may ship it back at your own cost to us and we will repair it for free. However, this must be within the first 3 days it has arrived at your home. This will be known by tracking information. Shipping will be paid for by the client both ways.
  • Payment: We currently only accept Paypal as a form of payment. The price of materials needs to be paid up front, before any work will begin on your project. The 2 month or 4 month deadline also begins the day you send payment. For example: if you start talking to us about a project, and you don’t send money for 4 weeks after that, it will be an additional 2 months from that date before we can guarantee delivery, unless you want to pay the rush charge.
  • We reserve the right to display any photos of projects created by us for others as we see fit. With permission, we would love to show photos of the completed items in action whether it’s a full costume, a prop, wig, or just a piece of the costume!

What We Need From You Before We Can Start!

  • Size Measurements: If your costume requires clothing or armor, we require you to download and fill out our Female Size Measurements Chart or Male Size Measurements Chart so we can make your costume! Once again the sooner you send us your measurements the sooner we can start!
  • Sign our client/artist contract: We will need you to sign our contract before we begin your project in order to insure that the terms are clear and fair for both parties. Here is a Sample Contract that you can view. When you have decided to proceed with ordering a commission, we will send you your contract with the first part filled out.
  • Materials Cost Payment: We can’t make your costume without materials! We will discuss the materials we will using before giving you a quote on the materials cost which you will see in your contract.

Please email us at for commission questions and details. Also, check out our Etsy shop for geeky stuff and small cosplay props that are already available!


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