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Links To Cool Stuff

Cosplayers, Photographers, Tutorials, And More!


CosplayersOther Cosplayers | See Their Costumes

These cosplayers are all wonderful people who make amazing costumes! Check out their sites and blogs, we can all learn things from each other about costuming. We have definitely learned from, and have been inspired by this lot!


PhotographersPhotographers | Ask Them For A Photoshoot

We love a good photographer that can make all our hard work shine! These artists have a talent for making us look good and we appreciate them greatly for it. Check out their awesome work and maybe ask them for a photoshoot in the future!


TutorialsSites & Tutorials | Resources We Have Used

Here are some resources that we have used to learn many costume making techniques. We read and research a lot before using new materials so we will have an idea what we are getting into before we start a project.

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