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Links To Cosplayers We Love

Check Out These Awesome Cosplayers

One of our favorite things about cosplaying and going to conventions, is the people we meet! We have made many fast and lasting friends by going to conventions and we want to give them some love! Check out their websites and social pages to see their awesome costumes!



Julie David | Blog Site

Julie has been a best friend to the Angry Robots since we all met in college. She a very talented painter and artist and she is currently learning to sew and make costumes with a little help from us. Some of her notable costumes are Olcadan from Soul Calibur, and Ice from DC Comics.


Simon Ladd

Simon Ladd | Conventional Wisdom

Simon Ladd is the author and artist of the webcomic “Conventional Wisdom.” He is also a cosplayer and a long time friend of ours who has shared many con hotel rooms with us. You can often find him at conventions painting faces and wearing large glasses like his comic character.


Tara ReichTara Reich | Deviantart

We met Tara at DragonCon 2010 at a Doctor Who Photoshoot, we were dressed in our Weeping Angels costumes and she was wearing a cute TARDIS dress. Since then we look forward to meeting up with her each DragonCon. Tara is a fashion designer who often creates lines inspired by geeky things such as Doctor Who.


Amanda Finley1Amanda Finley | Facebook

We met Amanda at DragonCon 2010 during an epic Doctor Who Photoshoot while she was dressed as the 10th Doctor and have kept touch since then. Amanda has made some awesome costumes including Pixie from X-Men, Link from Legend of Zelda, and Marcaline from Adventure Time. She is also pretty awesome at makeup design.


Insane CosplayerInsane Cosplayer | Facebook | Twitter

We met William aka Insane Cosplayer at a convention a while ago. We have kept in touch with him on Facebook since then and we really enjoy watching the progress shots he posts of often very large props. Some of his coolest costumes are Auron and Angeal Hewley from Final Fantasy.


382189_10151352133908533_1726846684_nCheryl Isenberg | Deviantart | Tumblr

We met Cheryl at DragonCon 2012 during a Soul Calibur shoot. She was the cutest Natsu and we were impressed with her leather-working skills and her costume! We had a lot of fun during the photoshoot and were sure to get each other’s contact info right away. Cheryl makes some awesome costumes and armor for LARPing and cosplay.


XaviettaXavietta | Deviantart | Facebook

Funny story, we ran into Xavietta at Dragon*con one year and we loved her Fallout Raider cosplay and her cool purple mohawk. Sadly we didn’t keep in touch, but later we were surprisingly re-united on Etsy because of our love for Fallout and we found out that we had friends in common as well. Xavietta makes awesome armor and leatherwork to be jealous of!

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