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Links To Photographers We Love

Check Out These Awesome Photographers

Being a good cosplayer is awesome, but it is hard to show off our hard work online without a good photographer to make us shine! Thats why we want to make a callout to all the photographers we know and the ones who have worked with us so that we can add to our costume portfolio and to theirs! If you are looking for a photographer, we strongly suggest these guys!


NathanLogoNathan Carter | Website

Nathan was our photographer for our Soul Calibur shoot at DragonCon in 2012. We were throughly impressed with the photos he took of us and we liked his dramatic lighting style. He also made the best out of a bad situation when we had to find a new place for the photoshoot and showed us all that shooting in a parking garage can be really cool!


JayceLogoJayce/Animazeguy | Facebook

We met Jayce at Animazement in 2012 and since then we have become good friends. After taking awesome pictures of us at AZ we had to ask him for a full photoshoot at DragonCon. He photographed us in our Adventure Time, Fallout, and a few other costumes.  We always look forward to shooting with Jayce and we love his photography style.


Fang FoxFang Fox | Facebook

Fang Fox was kind enough to schedule a day’s worth of photo shoots with us. He took pictures of our Soul Calibur costumes, Katie’s Jadesprite, and Katrina and Julie’s Fire and Ice costumes. We had a great shoot outdoors in a garden with plenty of good scenery. He is also a cosplayer and has worn costumes including Static Shock.


Christina NewmanCrista Newman | Website | Facebook

Crista did an awesome job taking photos of both our weeping angels and Soul Calibur costumes. We are big fans of her work and we always enjoy seeing the results of her latest photoshoot. She also makes costumes and has cosplayed as Padme from Star Wars, Merida from Brave, and many more.


RobertRobert Hoang | Facebook | Youtube

We were super impressed with the pictures that Robert took of our weeping angels! He is very talented and did a great job bringing out the scary in our costumes. Robert is not only a photographer but he also does youtube reviews for Japanese toys. He is a cool guy to know and we look forward to seeing him and shooting with him again in the future.

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