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Links To Tutorials And Sites

Tutorials And Sites We Love

We didn’t learn to make costumes overnight. We have spent hours searching the internet for tutorials made by other amazing cosplayers that might have had more experience working with certain materials than we do. Here is a list of such tutorials made by other people who we have learned a lot from.


Weapons & Armor

Fiberglass Weapon Tutorial | Fiberglass Blades

Katrina used this tutorial to make her Xianghua sword. Aaron, the author of the tutorial makes very impressive fiberglass weapons and armor and sells replicas of Zelda Master Swords and Hylian Shields. Katrina found his process/tutorial of medium difficulty to follow, and of high difficulty to make. She was mostly happy with her result although she found that the sword ended up being way to heavy, but this might have been due to her using more putty than fiberglass.


Vacuum Forming Plastic | Studio Creations

The Angry Robots have been planning to vacuum form armor for costumes for a long time. Although we have not yet made a vacuum form table for such a project, we hope to eventually make Star Wars Biker Scouts and Doctor Who Cybermen. This tutorial seems pretty well written and easy to follow and we hope to get a chance to use it in the future.


Craft Foam / Fiberglass Armor | Makotokamui

Here is another nice tutorial for making armor out of just craft foam, or foam coated in fiberglass. There are a lot of nice progress photos that make it easy to follow.


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